Guidecraft® Community Buildings Wooden Toy Set Review

Each month the Guidecraft® Educators blog team is delighted to have the opportunity to introduce you to a wonderful company that creates the highest quality toys and furniture designed specifically for children. This month, we have added the Guidecraft® Community Buildings to the 42 piece Roadway System toy set that has provided hours of building and role playing fun for children ages 5, 6 and 7.

Guidecraft® Community Buildings Wooden Toy Set Review

The Guidecraft® Community Buildings set includes six buildings bringing the Roadway System “to life” for even more excitement and creative play. There is a Fire Station, Police Department, Hospital, School, Grocery Store and Service Station. At 6.5” wide and 5.75” deep each building is generously sized and has a 3.5” high entrance for play cars and trucks to enter and exit through it. As is the standard for all Guidecraft® products, each building is durably constructed from plywood to withstand lots of eager play. The community buildings are attractively painting with vibrant colors and designs to engage the children and my group loved setting up their own cities where they would play for hours, rearrange as needed and then continue playing.

Guidecraft® Community Buildings Wooden Toy Set Review

When this set was added to the Roadway System, it was more appealing to both boys and girls who had a great time building and designing. The larger sized wood pieces make this a great building toy for even the youngest children (it is recommended by Guidecraft® for ages two and up).

Guidecraft® Community Buildings Wooden Toy Set Review

If you are looking for an excellent addition for your classroom, playroom or searching for the perfect gift idea then I highly recommend checking out this toy collection from Guidecraft®. You can mix and match your favorites to go along with the Roadway System ($80) including this fabulous Community Buildings set (SRP $80) and Block Play Traffic Signs ($22) and more. This is the type of toy that is going to withstand the test of time and it is of heirloom quality which can be passed down from one generation of children to the next.

Guidecraft® Community Buildings Wooden Toy Set Review

You are invited to visit Guidecraft® to browse the entire collection of children’s toys and furniture and get purchasing information for the Community Buildings set.

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You can also head over to our fellow Guidecraft Educator’s blog, Huppie Mama to enter to win a set of Community Buildings from Guidecraft®!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.


  1. says

    We love trains, so that would definitely be a hit in our house! It looks like a really high-quality set. Wooden toys have such a nice nostalgic feel too. Thanks for the review!

  2. Deborah Mireles says

    my boys would have loved something like this when they were young, too bad I don’t have any grandsons yet!

  3. Tania B says

    My nephews would love to play with a set like this. They look so sturdy and long-lasting which is terribly rare in this day and age!

  4. Erika Birrell says

    Definitely need more toy sets like these that don’t require power or batteries, we would save so much money. My son would absolutely love this!

  5. Rich Hicks says

    Looks like so much fun for the kids. I had a train set as a child and loved it. Will entertain them for hours I am sure

  6. sandra davis says

    this is the best kind of toy. it can keep kids entertained for hours. they can set it up the way they want it and then move it around and still be entertained. thanks for the great review

  7. Sue Hull says

    Oh man that looks like fun! I have 2 neices who I’m sure would have lots of fun with this.I’ve always loved wooden toys. I think that’s why I still love Lincoln Logs which I want to buy for my future grandkids. For now I have fun buying and winning toys for my neices. Awesome review :)


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