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Wicked Game by Jeri Smith-ReadyTitle: Wicked Game

Author: Jeri Smith-Ready

My Review:

In an effort to straighten out her life, former con artist Ciara Griffin accepts a position as a marketing intern at WVMP Radio, a station which hosts several late night shows featuring music from decades ago. Ciara thinks it’s a joke when she receives literature from her new boss about the shows’ DJs being vampires, but the truth is revealed when Shane, the DJ for the ’90s show, unsheathes his fangs and makes a literal point.

Instantly attracted to Shane–despite his undead status–Ciara becomes part of the WVMP family. Elizabeth, the owner of WVMP, has decided to sell the station to Skywave for a tidy profit. Vampires need strong ties to the decade of their death in order to keep from fading away, and Elizabeth’s decision could mean Ciara will lose Shane forever. Tapping into her con history, Ciara dreams up the perfect plot to make the station popular once again. Doing so attracts the attention of vampires who wish to keep their true nature a secret from all the world.

Wicked Game is the first in the WVMP Radio series from Jeri Smith-Ready. This series has been on my “to-read” list for years, and now that I’ve read the first one, I’m wondering what took me so long to finally read it. For years I have been a fan of the urban fantasy genre, and by now I didn’t think it was possible to put a fresh spin on vampires, which I’ve admittedly grown tired of over the last few years. In Ready’s take on vampires, they aren’t all-powerful, blood thirsty monsters. Shane actually seems like a pretty average man, aside from the fact he needs to drink fresh blood every couple weeks to survive. Ready’s vampires are actually pretty vulnerable, but there are also dark, evil ones thrown into the mix.

I thoroughly enjoyed this first in series, aside from one minor criticism. After only meeting briefly for a few minutes, Ciara is smitten with Shane and basically throws herself at him when he shows up at her apartment to prove to her vampires are real. From there, it’s almost like instant love. I prefer a bit of tension in the relationship, some teasing before the couple finally gets together. But right from the start, Ciara and Shane are a solid match.

There is some serious potential for the WVMP Radio to become one of my favorite urban fantasy series, so I cannot wait to get caught up on the rest of the books. Jeri Smith-Ready has also written a paranormal YA series, which I’ve enjoyed. I’ll be adding this author to my “watch for new releases” list.

*I received a copy of this book for review, but was not compensated financially in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based solely on my experiences while reading this novel.*


  1. ANN*H says

    This sounds like a very interesting vampire book. Ciara’s new job and life maybe more than she bargains for – but maybe not with Shane and her hitting it off so quickly – she may not have time to think straight. Makings of another good series coming our way. Thanks for the review.

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I love supernatural romances and this one is different enough to be very interesting. Thanks for the review.

  3. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I love supernatural romances and this one is different enough to be very interesting. Thanks for the review.

  4. Gina Brickell says

    Sounds like a great read!! I’m not big on vampires and such, but AM fond of good books so maybe I’ll try it out!

  5. rhowie says

    it’s been on my tbr too! but havent get a chance to read it kind of not feeling to reaf vampires anymore! but i love vampires! i would definitely have to read it now! great review! :)

  6. says

    Sounds like my kind of book. I absolutely love vampire novels but I too have noticed some newer authors making them a little to cheesy for my liking. I’ll be looking into this one. I always love your honesty.

  7. Erika Birrell says

    I love anything with vampires and love stories! I am definitely going to look for this book! Thanks for the review!

  8. Rebecca Sinclair says

    unfortunately vampire books aren’t my style. I probably should at least read a sample – I just don’t want to spend the money on one and be disappointed.

  9. Sherry Compton says

    Never heard of this but it sounds interesting. Vampires and the supernatural are popping up everywhere but a radio station dj seems like a new twist. I especially like the idea of hem being more average. I’m not sure how a series will work but it sounds like its worth checking out.

  10. Meghan says

    I too am a paranormal vampire fan and I totally agree that lately most of the series are the same or geared toward young adults. The first vampire book I ever read was when I was a teenager, it was The Last Vampire Series by Christopher Pike. From then on I was hooked. I liked the Twilight series when it first came out but then after reading the Sookie Stackhouse Books, by Charlaine Harris I realized how dorky, akward and dumb the main characters are. I am looking forward to reading this book, I haven’t found any good ones lately. The last one I liked was Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter! Thanks so much! Do you use Goodreads? I do and its great for keeping track of books you own, read and want to read!

    • says

      Hey Meghan, I wrote this review (glad you liked it!), and yes I do have a Goodreads:

      I adore The Last Vampire series; it’s still my favorite vampire series (though can I suggest you skip the third and fourth ones if you don’t want the original series ruined for you?). I’m not a fan of Twilight, and my interest in Sookie has dwindled; I’m several books behind. I’ve also read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and thought it was a fun book.

      I’ll be reviewing the rest of the books in this series too; hoping to start the second one within another week!

  11. Erica P. says

    I love vampires. I’m obsessed and the fact that this is a love story makes it even better! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Krista says

    This is on my wishlist too. I like the different spin on the vampires. Blood thirsty vamps do get old after a while.

  13. says

    Aside from the instant love between the characters, this books seems pretty intriguing. I guess there would be some mentions of famous songs throughout the decades. Interesting.

    • says

      There is a play list at the beginning of the book of all the songs mentioned/played by the DJs. I hopped on Spotify while I was reading so I could hear all of the songs since I wasn’t familiar with any of them.

  14. Kayleen Considine says

    I like vampires and have never heard of them cropping up at a radio station before Very unique!! Thank you for the great review.

  15. laurie nykaza says

    Great late night reading for supernatural fans. We never grow tired of Vampire stories this sounds like another good one

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