99 Cents Valentine’s from Snapily

Having a hard time feeling creative for Valentine’s day with the holidays hardly behind us?? Here’s an easy, and ridiculously affordable solution to impress. But you got to act fast!

Snapily’s personalized animated photo cards (also available in personalized 3D) retail for $3.99 plus shipping & handling. But today (through January 28th), with coupon code VAL99, you can get them for ONLY 99 cents… to your door! These high quality photo cards are a geniunely unique way to share your message with loved ones.

How do the special effects on these cards work? The personalized animated cards allow you to view 2 photos in the space of a single photo. A simple flick of our wrist reveals one image after the other. This is a very useful and creative way to show off before/after, naughty/nice, young/older, etc. The personalized 3D photo cards frames a single photo in a design revealing depth… no glasses required 

Want to get more than one… or a birthday card, anniversary card, thank you card, etc? You can-  just not in the same transaction. So time to get a Valentine for everyone on your list from Snapily (up to 4). Be sure to use VAL99 at checkout.


  1. Julie Wood says

    Wow, what a great deal on this. I like how cheap it is. I am going to take a look at it. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Carole Ingram says

    What a great idea for Valentines Day!! And it’s only 99 cents! I might just do that….thinking of who I would send this too 😛

  3. Sherry Compton says

    Thanks. This sounds really cute and sweet. I love getting the .99 cards and personalizing it makes it even better. Great idea for kids, family, friends…

  4. Gina Brickell says

    This is VERY cool!! What a great idea! I love personalized cards for all occasions and think this one is great and an excellent price!

  5. Cheyenne P says

    Absolutely adorable! Now if only I could get my daughter and husband to sit still long enough to take some pictures! This’d be great not only for Valentine’s day but every other holiday as well!

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