Quotes about Forgiveness

Do you find it easy to forgive people? I may forgive, but I never forget. 

Quotes about Forgiveness

Quotes about Forgiveness

~ Oscar Wilde

Quotes about Forgiveness

~Suzanne Somers

Quotes about Forgiveness

~Bryant H. McGill

Quotes about Forgiveness

~Jean Paul

Quotes about Forgiveness

~John F. Kennedy

Are you able to easily forgive people?


  1. Aliya D. says

    I struggle with forgiveness, but I love intensely so its almost like torture because it hurts a lot when someone betrays me in some way… Yes I forgive, its hard, but I forgive. Its harder to forget and not bring things up again.

  2. Lisa F. says

    I forgive some things, but not everything deserves forgiveness in my opinion. Like when you are truly betrayed by someone you really care about and they never own up to it. How can you forgive that? You may move on and “get over it”, but why would they deserve forgiveness?

  3. Mer says

    These are lovely. And it’s a nice reminder around the holidays–I’m sure many of us carry a grudge or two and forgiveness really is the perfect gift, both to the recipient and the giver.

  4. Anya says

    This is so inspiring! I think we all at one point or another in our lives. Sometimes it can be hard. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. rubyswan says

    Hmmmmm…truly a DEEP thought provoking question about 4 giveness!!!
    We R Face with from day 2 day & even tested walking along life’s journey way!
    If ever a time that We need 4 giveness 2 Work N our daily lives 2 bring NEEDED HEALINGS as well as the human Race it’s Now..2 me 4 giveness is an Action word thats filled with Hope ,renewing, transforming,metamorphosing , Growing into a thing of substance, tolerance,& Beauty..!! thanQ

  6. Gina Brickell says

    Thank you for sharing.. It is good for people to forgive and the holiday season is a good time to remind everyone. I’m like you though, I can forgive, but it’s extremely difficult for me to forget..

  7. Teresa Salyer says

    I forgive the first time, after that it is really hard to forgive. Sometimes it is easier to just walk away from the person. Very good quotes you found.

  8. Wendi Jenkins says

    Depending on the situation, I can forgive fairly easily. I try to see the good things about all situations, but sometimes that can be hard. I would say I have no ill feelings for anyone, but I have never forgot the things that were done to me by those that hurt me.

  9. Rebecca Sinclair says

    These are wonderful reminders of forgiveness! I love the one about forgiveness being a gift to yourself. SO very true!

  10. Alina says

    Forgiveness has never really been my thing, hehe, but hey we all got flaws ;) anyways I love the first and last quotes! Thanks for sharing, fun post!

  11. says

    sometimes I try to be mad at someone, but 5 or 10 minutes later I start talking to them like nothing happened. I can’t stay mad for some reason. UGH

  12. L says

    This is a hard one for me. I like to think that I am a forgiving person but I’ve never been one to forget. So that makes me think maybe I’m not actually forgiving after all. If I can understand the reason behind the hurt it does make it easier though.

  13. Angela Kinder says

    I try to forgive people but if they hurt my family in any way, I find it hard to find forgiveness in my heart for them.

  14. Sarah Beth Madrigal says

    I love this book of AWESOME poems about forgiveness. I just learned about the behavior of true human forgiveness in school and I loved that course.

  15. Kristine Adriano says

    I think these sorts of things always depend on situation, but I tend to forgive easily. I don’t like to waste my emotions on unnecessary things. I just focus on my life goals and move forward from there.

  16. Keara B. says

    These are such wonderful, inspirational quotes. Especially important to remember this time of year when we get together with family and friends. Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. ANN*H says

    I love reading quotes. I also like to save them and use as a screen saver sometimes. Makes me remember them more. I especially like this last forgiveness one. You need to forgive others (it doesnt mean you have to forget ) but by forgiving them you can be at peace and dont let them drag you down inside or you will be miserable forever. Dont give them that power to do that

  18. Julia Soriano says

    Forgiving is hard. I can do it by different definitions. But mostly, I just erase the person in my mind. Whenever I think angrily of anyone, I remember the quote, “Holding on to anger is like taking rat poison and waiting for the other person to die.” or “Holding on to anger is letting another person live rent-free in your head.” Life is too short to spend it on people who hurt you.

  19. Bonnie C. says

    Thanks for sharing these! They definitely help give the needed encouragement to forgive, though I’m with you, I try to forgive out of obedience, but I don’t know if one can ever really forget.


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