Blurb 20% Off Sale

It’s not too late to order the perfect holiday gift…a custom book from Blurb! Blurb is offering 20% off any book you create with promo code LASTCALL20. Blurb books are easy to create and make a great holiday gift! Plus, with Blurb, you can now create a photo book in just one night by uploading your Instagram and Facebook images. Capture those special 2012 moments today and create a photo book that you can cherish for a lifetime.

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  1. Huguette E. says

    I got my mother a calendar with the pictures of the grand kids one year and it was the best gift. I’m sure she’d love the book.

  2. librarypat says

    What a nice gift idea, and not just for Christmas. You could make them for the grandparents showing what your family did over the year. Nice gif for family members after a family gettogether

  3. barbara remaly hart says

    This makes an awesome gift for any occasion. I made one for my grand daughter of us taking her to the beach & we read it at bedtime. She loves that she is in the book.

  4. Olivia Rubin says

    I was over a friends house and she was creating a blurb book. I liked how user friendly it was and te options to make books.

  5. Aliya D. says

    I love, LOVE Blurb… I have created books and novels as Christmas presents for a writer friend; I also create photo album books for close family every year during the Christmas season to add to their collections. LOVE BLURB!

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