Monetizing Your Blog | December 2011

Each month I share my monthly affiliate earnings so you can see how the individual programs work for me and decide for yourself if you want to join up.

Here’s my December 2011 affiliate earnings:

Total: $413.99

*I am no longer using LinkWorth because the links weren’t no-follow.


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    Wow you are doing great! I didn’t know about most of those. I joined Social Spark and Sponsored Tweets from your link. No Sparks yet but I did submit 3 tweets that hopefully the advertisers will accept. I don’t forsee myself making $500 a month but $10 would be nice. ha :)

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      Not anymore- since about September. They took every penny out of my account and shut down my account for invalid clicks. I appealed but no luck. I had never once clicked my own ads in the three years I was with them. I don’t know if its because I was finally starting to make decent money with them or what! So no more Adsense for me.

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        I’ve heard of this happening to other bloggers. That’s pretty ridiculous!!! Yeah, maybe they just don’t want to pay out when it’s decent money :(
        I was making about $10-15 a month with a top banner, side banner and rss feed banners. Then I added banners into posts and now I’m up to $30 a month. Received my first check in December. I know it’s peanuts, bit it’s still pretty exciting! All thanks to you and your tips :)
        Still sucks about your issue though :(

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      Its against Google Webmaster Guidelines to sell links that pass on page rank. I would only do the post if you could use no follow. With that said though, lots of bloggers still use do follow links on paid posts.

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    Thanks for sharing this info. I don’t get anywhere near the traffic you do but maybe someday I’ll get up there :) Just working on finding my niche.

    Question- when you say Superpoints $100 do you mean 100 Superpoints or you cashed out last month for $100?

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      It means I received $100 cash for my points. I cash out whenever I hit 10K because I’m in Canada and can’t get the other prizes so I always take the $$$.


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