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My name is Maureen and I have belly fat………………the unattractive and potentially dangerous type that has gradually accumulated during three back to back pregnancies. Now that I have acknowledged that embarrassing fact publically it is time for me to do something about it.

SafSlim™ is a revolutionary supplement option that was created to specifically target belly fat. I have been having success recently with a nutritional and exercise program that helps prevent insulin resistance so I was intrigued to discover SafSlim™.

I was excited to learn that SafSlim™ is a supplement containing high-linoelic, emulsified safflower oil in a proprietary blend known as SAFactive78™ that is complimentary to my weight loss program. Before taking any new product, I always want to make sure that it is naturally derived and SafSlim™ does not contain artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors. SafSlim™ reportedly has been shown in a major university study to help reduce belly fat by up to 9.4%, or 6 times more than the leading omega oil, in only 16 weeks without diet or exercise.

How does it work? According to the SafSlim™ website this “belly fat omega” activates hormones, such as adiponectin, to help mobilize dormant midsection fat. It also helps curb appetite, kick start metabolism and improve insulin sensitivity to inhibit belly fat accumulation. You are invited to learn more about the science behind SafSlim™ by reading the informative section at the website.

I have personally been taking SafSlim™ as directed and I really like the pleasant citrus and berry taste respectively in the Tangerine Cream Fusion and Strawberry Cream Fusion. I can describe it as tasting like a yummy creamsicle and without any artificial aftertaste since it has all-natural ingredients. Two weeks ago, I added SafSlim™ to my healthy eating and exercise program that targets insulin resistance and I continue to enjoy a slow and steady weight loss. More importantly, my pants are looser, particularly in the abdominal area. In my opinion I have not taken this product long enough to comment further in terms of my weight loss results but I have been extremely encouraged with the results that I am currently seeing so perhaps this will be a case of “stay tuned” for a future update.

SafSlim™ has proudly launched “The Lean Belly Challenge” where you can TAKE! WIN! SEIZE! i.e. take the challenge starting in September 2011, win cash and prizes and seize a slimmer waist line and improved health. This 12 week contest looks like a lot of fun and I plan to join it myself……… about you? You are invited to register for “The Lean Belly Challenge” and read the official rules by visiting the SafSlim™ website.

SafSlim™ is available for purchase by visiting the website.

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*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes. The opinions are based only on my experiences with the product.*


    • Taylor says

      I have been on this product for 6 days now. The first 3 days I took it twice before my meals but on the fourth day I forgot to take it before my breakfast so I took it after. 45 mins later I was on the toilet. So since then I’ve been taking it 20-30 mins after my meals and it comes right out in my bowels! I prefer it this way that way I know it’s workn for me! I will update u 1 week from today and let u know if I’ve lost any lbs

  1. Bob says

    Saw SofSlim on Dr. Oz yesterday and came across your blog…but VERY disappointed you haven’t followed up with posts on your progress to date. Am I to assume you either died taking it or it didn’t work?

  2. Maureen says

    I apologize that I have not posted an update on this original post but I realized that I did not have enough product supply to accurately track my progress. In the interest of full disclosure, I did not think it was fair to comment either way on a product that I had not fully utilized for the recommended amount of time. There has been a lot of interest in SafSlim recently so I have spoken with the company and I am very pleased to announce that I will be using SafSlim for a full 90 days and as recommended. I will share my results once a month in a post for our readers and I am very excited to see if this product really works! We will also be offering a reader giveaway so that you can try it for yourself…….stay tuned!

  3. Anna says

    Maureen I am now on SafSlim just started it yesterday can’t wait to see if it really works as I have battled belly fat most of my life. I has a stroke a year ago and thank God every day he has given me a second chance. I am walking and and doing Zumba along with this product so I hope to be dropping some inches.
    Stay Tuned for updates.

  4. Jennifer says

    I’m interested to hear the outcome of your taking SafSlim for the recommended period of time. Although, I too am skeptical about it after hearing that Montel Williams said he’d go off it and gain a couple inches back and once back on SafSlim he’d lose the 2″ within a week. That doesn’t have me singing the praises of this, nor running out to buy it. What happens when I would stop taking it altogether? Will I gain that fat back around my stomach and then some? You know, like most fad diets out there you lose the weight and as soon as you hit goal, you gain the weight right back + a couple pounds more. I’m going to try and follow your blog over the next couple months to see how successful it is for you and if it’s worth the price. That’s a lot of money to way 3 months to see expected results.

  5. Mary C says

    I ordered the product last week just got it. Took it for the first time Monday January 9, 2012. The main reason I’m trying it is because the person I saw whom I believe to be Naomi B. who I worked with for over 3 years would not put her name on a product that didn’t woek. I know of several product she was associated with I still take one of the I know her back ground and her passion for products that do what they should do. However I don’t believe you can take this product eat whatever you want and expect it to work.

    I work out five days a week for 45 minutes, I eat right I watch carbs. Now I’m going to give this product a fair chance

  6. Tammy Lucas says

    I too watched Dr. Oz on January 3rd. I was willing to try this as it sounded like something safe and Montel seemed pretty assuring. I must say, I started taking this product on 1/4 and doing moderate exercise, eliminating high glycemic refined carbs and I have already lost 5 pounds…… I am puzzled and keep telling myself if must be the Safslim…. My bottle is just about empty and I will be going to get another, I cannot say that it is definately the Safslim but I was having the hardes time losing weight in 2011, so I decided to try to start anew for 2012. I have also added calcium with vit D, and triple strentgh omega’s into my diet…..

  7. Natasha says

    I just purchased Safslim after having a very hard time finding it in my area since it aired on the Dr. Oz show. I am very excited to see the reuslts and wish the best for all of you. Though you may be skeptical because Montell stated that he did gain the weight back he also did say he had NOT excercised at all. After years of trying many different products there is one consistency. No matter what products you take(even after liposuction, tummy tucks etc.) if you do not eat right and excercise results won’t last.

    • shae says

      Finally someone with some since (No matter what products you take(even after liposuction, tummy tucks etc.) if you do not eat right and excercise results won’t last.) so true! I plan on trying this product along with a boot camp!

  8. stacy says

    I just got the product yesterday ,after my mom and little sister seen it on Dr.Oz ,so far I have seen mixed reviews on this product ,but I did not see a curve in appetite today but I it might need to get in my system to feel the full effect . And where does the fat go ? And is this something that your body will depend on to keep fat away ? Will research more

  9. says

    The question of “where the fat goes ” have circulated before with no reply.
    Where does the fat go ?? Some one also addressed this question on Dr. Oz,
    Avoided as well with Dr. Oz, (just curious!!)

  10. Lorraine says

    I am on my second bottle I have lost 4 pounds in a month! I love the taste too. Everyone will respond in a different way according to your own body. Good Luck to all

  11. says

    I am so happy pounds are dropping off for everyone one My results are not so positive.
    Maybe I should exercise more ? Are you taking the product more than twice a day ?
    Oh ! I forgot to mention….the taste is great !! :)

    Any suggestions ?

    • Taylor says

      Hi lynn try takn it after your meals. Wait atleast 20-30 mins then take it. I did it this way and its coming out threw my bowels! (sounds gross but I prefer it this way)

  12. says

    Does the fat turn into muscle ? When this episode aired on Dr.Oz the question was never answered.
    Just curious ! I am on my second bottle. No results yet !

    Good luck everyone,

  13. Wendy says

    Started using this product prior to seeing it on Dr Oz. Just finished my first bottle, and have seen some encouraging results. Lost two inches on my waist line. This is an area I have worked on for a VERY long time. Crunches hurt my back. On my second bottle, would love to get my waist down to a twenty six from a thirty three. This will go perfectly with my five feet two, one hundred eighteen pound body….. Im encouraged.

  14. Atiya says

    I just purchased a bottle this morning. I was encouraged to give this a try after witnessing a coworker lose 5 pounds in a month. We work crazy hours, but we manage to workout at least twice a week and she has improved her eating habits and takes the SafSlim twice a day. I’m excited to see if it works for me!

  15. says

    Working out and improving eating habits will assist with losing weight any way. I guess SafSlim
    works for every one differently. (no positive results for me ) But I will continue working out with
    ZUMBA :)

    I am happy for you all…keep up the good work and you will achive your goal !

    Enjoy !

  16. Debi says

    Bought it yesterday and my husband I are both taking it. It will be an expensive adventure. After 3 tbs. my appetite has been suppressed and my pants are loser. Now, is it the Saf-Slim or all the fruit I ate today versus’s pretzels. My husband says the same thing…his sugar cravings are diminished. Mind over matter? Will try for a few weeks and see what happens. I am using the restroom a little more than usual…if you know what I mean. Is anyone else having that problem? He does sets of push ups and sit ups daily and I do sit ups and 10 minutes on my elliptical. One can only hope this works!!!

  17. Charlette says

    The fat goes in the toilet, ALTHOUGH this is the best tasting “diet aid”, that I have tried I dont know how much longer I can bear the stomach cramps and “juicy bootie syndrome”. Yes I am seeing results but also see’n more toilet paper and porcelain thrown time. I am trying ot last a full 30 days so far on day 13..MANNnn I put 1 TBSP in my orange yogurt for breakfast and another 1TBSP in my orange sonic slush for lunch, fr dinner I eat chicken breast green veggie and squash or brown rice…

  18. says

    I have been going to the safslim .com web page for the last 3 weeks. Thinking about ordering the product but it is like the accai berry. I want to know I am getting the pure stuff that works rather than being sold a version of it that is not pure and it will not work. I think some of these products do work if a person can get ahold of the pure stuff that does help you. But there three are croked people that will sell you a counterfeit just to make money when they know the are jipping the customer.

  19. says

    OK. ! I’ve 14 lost pounds (two weeks) …I continued using the “Saf Slim”, but I also cut the sugar…carbs….whole milk and basically became a vega. I have improved my eating habits, and I feel a lot healthier. They have this knudsen soy milk that is great, vegan butter, whole grain pastas- breads , and plenty of beans and vegtables and the fat drops. I haven’t tried the BOCO burgers (meatless )but I hear it is great. Back to the
    treadmill, :)

    Hope this helps!

  20. fontella says

    Just purchased a bottle of SafSim at
    Natural Grocer for 24.99 Had my first dose 20 minutes ago. The taste is delicious. Give me two weeks to see if it does anything for my waistline and I will let everyone know the rresults. Does anyone know if it affects blood pressure?

  21. Shab says

    Just picked up a bottle yesterday and m going to start today. Wish me luck.. Am at 36 inches of waist and need fir it to go to 30
    Me luck… M Aldo taking hemp seed nuts with High fiber breakfast and walking lots

  22. Shennel says

    Hello all, I have been reading your posts on the product. I thought about trying it but came across another product that really REALLY worked. I lost 8 pounds in 9 days. If you want to know about it, email me and let me know. I would be more than happy to tell anyone, everyone. I too have stubborn belly fat from pregnancies. But, I lost the 8 pounds and 4 inches off my belly. I am going to continue doing it for the rest of the month and obtain my goal of 15 pounds this month. :-). Email me at if you want any information.

    • says

      Hi Shennel, I would like to know the name of the product you have referred to in your Safslim review.
      If it can produce the same results or better than Safslim, I really need it. lol

    • taurie says

      not sure why you dont just post it on here. Not sure if this is a scam or if emailing you will end up giving me a virus on my computer

    • shennel says

      It is isagenix. I have used it for a year now and have lost almost all the weight that I wanted. Check it out at

  23. Wendy says

    I just purchased Safslim and have been using it for 3 days already, my stomach feels ligher but I have not done any measurements to prove it. I bought bottles in advance cause I heard its good, and it sells out pretty quickly. I also wanted to say to the people who has said they have not seen any results that may be on their 2nd an 3rd bottles, the leaflet does say to give it at least 16 weeks to see results. (Minimum) remember everyones body is not the same. Am an island gal and one tthing I would like to share is first thing in the morning make a cup of tea with limes/lemon (drink that everyday) works wonders, I think the acid breaks down the fat. I do this each morning, but I drink it at 4:00am when am omy to the gym. Then breakfast at 7, an this is when I take my first tablespoon of Salslim. Diet and exercise is key. An water water water. cant say enoough, I driink 100oz a day. Good luck yall.

  24. Holley says

    I am on bottle number 5 of 8 and have lost 4 inches off my belly. The first 2 came off within the first month. You can literally feel your hard belly fat turning to soft, burnable fat. I have noticed alot of definition forming in my muscles as well. This stuff is transforming!

  25. Jeffrey says

    I think it works I lost three pounds in one week. My panst feel baggier have a hard time keeping them up. All of the flavors are delicious. But I keep forgetting to take it twice a day. I usually remember to take it with dinner. My face looks thinner and my belly is not as big as it was. I am not overweight but it seems to be working. My friend was taking it and her cholesterol level went down her dr. was very pleased.

  26. Kate says

    I’m on week 10. I have seen week to week my belly fat turning to a soft fat any my skin shrinking and dimpleing more. I want to lose about 6 inches off my waist. I have lost a few pounds but the measuring tape still says the same. They say by week 12 most people start seeing inches being lost – I’m hopeful I will too as my stomach is starting to indent more each day around the navel area. I have not exercised or changed my diet during these 10 weeks. I have an injury that prevents me from exercising – even walking is painful. I’m hopeful that by the end of this summer my fat tummy will be slimmer despite being laid up physically.

  27. says

    I have been using SafSlim for 8 weeks & I have lost 32 pounds!!!
    I take the cream fusion & the Feme Body pill twice per day.
    I have hundreds of friends using this product.
    It’s easy, fast & it’s also yummy!!!
    Love to SAFSLIM!!!!

  28. says

    oh well i try this product for 90 days and the only thing i lost was LOTS OF MONEY in buying this product it docent work at all, what it does as make you gain weight and cravings lol is all a LIE sorry but is the TRUE

  29. says



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