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My six year old son has enjoyed playing MathBlaster.com for several months and we were recently introduced to the companion online game, JumpStart®.com 3D Virtual World. Since he has enjoyed playing several other JumpStart® educational computer games in the past, he was excited to play this online game. Of course, I first wanted to make sure that it would be safe for him to play online and learned that I can set parental controls and the game has pre-programmed names to ensure that kids are completely safe and cannot share any personal information giving me peace of mind to let my children begin their learning adventure.

JumpStart.com has been a big hit with my children. So much in fact that I let them earn “credits” by completing chores and doing well with their school work which they can trade in towards minutes to play their new favorite game. I appreciate that JumpStart.com makes learning fun and is something that they are willing to work hard towards playing.

After launching the colorful and engaging virtual world, my son and his siblings began to explore JumpStart and can design a character, decorate a house, adopt cuddly pets and play games with friends. My son’s favorite part has been adopting a “dragon” and then feeding it, decorating it and playing with it. When they successfully complete a learning game or challenge, they are thrilled to earn “coins” and points that they can use to personalize their JumpStart® world even more.

JumpStart.com allows children to explore and play for FREE but I highly recommend the membership plan which includes up to six kids and offers additional bonus features such as:

  • Explore and Play with Friends
  • Access 1000’s of Member Only Learning Games
  • Practice Hundreds of Additional Skills for School
  • Download 4 PC Games ($80 Value!)
  • Hatch, Raise and Train Mythical Creatures
  • Bonus FREE Membership to MathBlaster.com

A membership to JumpStart.com is available in three convenient options including only $7.99 per month, an annual subscription for $74.99 or a lifetime membership for $149.99. You can learn more about JumpStart.com and set up your free account or purchase a membership today by visiting the JumpStart.com website.

 *I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes. The opinions are based only on my experiences with the product.*


  1. Maegan Morin says

    I love that there are worksheets for everything! My son is only 3 and I see plenty of things that we could do together!

  2. says

    I like the game because it is educational. Best of all, my daughter enjoys playing it online. She has been bugging me about getting a paid membership, so I had to enter this giveaway. As a parent, I really appreciate the parental controls.

  3. Cassandra Cordova Van Slyke says

    I like how you can play without being a member, but your membership really does give obvious benefits.


  4. CH says

    A word of caution, after experiencing this website (free version) and seeing what you could get with a paid membership, I was sold. I finally tried to purchase membership yesterday (lifetime) and found it automatically gave me a monthly one. They will automatically charge me every month now. From their terms agreement, they do not do refunds and I’m in the process of trying to reach them because I still want the lifetime membership even if they mistakenly are charging for a one month membership too. Also, when I tried to upgrade my membership online to the appropriate one I wanted, the price changed. Perhaps they charge differently in Australia compared to the US ($59.97 compared to almost $150)
    I sent an email yesterday and so far no reply which is fine but their phone service is atrocious. I spent almost 30 minutes just trying to get through to someone. The answering directory gives you options to direct your call but the numbers you press don’t get you anywhere. After listening to their directory message 3 times and pressing the number I wanted, it takes me elsewhere to another directory. If you’re lucky to have it direct your call again, it says that the message box is full and then it says it is directing you to the operator. It doesn’t actually do this, it just keeps saying that’s what it’s doing, like a broken record. I’m feeling highly sceptical of them now. I realise that Jumpstart will give out free memberships to those with blogs and kids product review sites and this is probably your best bet if you want to avoid the pitfalls that come with trying to get a paid membership. If you’re not going that route, buyer beware.
    One last note, yes there are parental controls which is great but- I realised they do try to get the kids to get out of them. I was watching my kids play when they came across one virtual ‘child’ among the thrall of them who called out to them by screenname. My kids, wanting to be polite tried to reply to them. There are some standard phrases to choose from but this wasn’t enough to adequately reply. They were feeling substantially “rude” and wanted to add them as a friend. The end result was, we realised this was not a real child as it didn’t speak like a real child, it just looked like the others. I almost was going to let them change the chat settings as a result but I’m glad I didn’t. So my verdict is, while I think this is a great way to practise math and other subjects, parents, keep an eye on what your kids are doing.

    • Lenny says

      The “Virtual child” that you are referring to are actually ficticious “workers” at JS. Each area has a handful of them. The way you can tell them apart is the fact that they use the Jumpees name almost everytime you encounter one of them. If you use one of the canned replies to them, they will use another canned reply back.

      My kids have been playing Jumpstart for the last 2 years, and I am totally pleased with the site. Very safe, and I trust it with my kids.

  5. CH says

    As a follow up to the comment above, I did send another email to Jumpstart and they did reply this time. They said that they were refunding the monthly membership fee of $4 and so, as a result I went ahead and tried again to purchase the lifetime membership which seems to have gone through as intended this time. I will admit the kids, upon membership finishing were dissapointed but now that we have a permanent one, they are thrilled. Customer support may have some issues but the site is very popular with the kids.

  6. Manohar says

    There Billing system is not right as by default they charge you continuous billing and and it is not very clear when you sign up as they suppose to provide their customer to choose rather be choose by default. My Son wanted to try and he doesn’t like much but got charged for next month automatically. I know this continuous billing is by intention as they know not lot people read fine prints.

    Not happy with billing.

  7. sarah says


  8. Tom says

    Continuous billing and no refunds is despicable. I have to “jump” through hoops to STOP giving them money??? This is shyster behaviour.

  9. richard says

    DO NOT do business with them.
    I have been unable to cancel my membership with JUMPSTART.com for over 1 year now. The charges just keep coming through even though I have officially canceled as per their exact instructions many times now. They simply send an automated reply that they received my email but then I never hear from them…and the charges continue.
    There is no phone support. This is a RIPOFF!

    I believe A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT IS IN ORDER as I am assuming we are not the only people being falsely charged on an ongoing basis.

    Coming for a company that bills itself as an a premiere educational company for children, THIS IS DISGUSTING!

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