How to Promote Your Giveaway

I am asked this question quite often by bloggers participating in my events. Rather than write the same email over and over, I thought it would be easiest if I just did a post to share the different ways to promote a giveaway!

1. Promote through your networks. 

  • Share on your Facebook Fan page and tag the sponsor in the post so that it will be seen on their page by their fans!
  • Share on your Facebook profile wall with your friends.
  • Tweet the giveaway using hashtags like #giveaway and #win and include the sponsor twitter handle in the tweet
2. Promote through Giveaway Linkys & Forums
  • I have a list of giveaway linkys and sites across the net listed by day of the week where you can post your giveaway for FREE. You can also add your giveaway to my linky.
3. Send out an email newsletter through Google Friend Connect. 


4. Make it easy to find giveaways on your site. 
  • List the current giveaways on your sidebar or have a button that goes to your current giveaways.
  • Cross promote in your giveaways by giving a link to your other giveaways that readers can check out.
5. List your giveaway on Online Sweepstakes. It’s my highest traffic referrer for giveaways.


6. Pay a site to promote your giveaway. This is not an option for everyone, but if you have a giveaway you want more exposure, it’s worth the cost. A number of sites will promote your giveaway for a small fee. These sites include:
How do you promote your giveaways? Any recommendations on what else I should add to this list?


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    This is a great post with some great ideas. Promoting their giveaways prominently on their own website is one that a lot of people overlook. You’ve got a great list of sites to list your giveaways. I appreciate you including my site, Giveaway Promote, on there!

    As a giveaway promoter, I can vouch for the effectiveness of posting your giveaways on the listing sites. On Giveaway Promote, we incorporate social media promotion of your giveaway on Twitter and Facebook in all of our free listings (and often Triberr), but also have an affordable upgraded featured listing option which can bring in a lot of extra traffic.

    I have been on the other side of the coin promoting my own giveaways and haven’t had a lot of traffic come from linkies, with the exception of a few. I also am not a fan of the sites that make you jump through hoops, like registrations or required reciprocal links, to get listed. Has anyone had positive experiences using those? I’m always interested in hearing everyone else’s experiences with linkies or giveaway listing sites.

    – Bridget

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    I’m new to doing giveaways. I did one so far and I’m working on more coming up. Usually at the end of my non-giveaway posts, I put a reminder that they can enter my current giveaway with a direct link. I hope that makes sense. LOL! Thanks for the other suggestions. I love learning from the pros. :)

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    I do not host giveaways very often but when I have the next one I am heading straight back to this page to discover all the secrets! :) Thank you for sharing!

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    Thanks so much Stacie for including Blog Giveaway Directory on your list. I really appreciate it!

    I agree about Online Sweepstakes. If you submit no where else, submit there. I also recommend Sweepstakes Advantage and Cashnet Sweeps. They send a lot of traffic to blog giveaways too.

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