The Best Daily Deal Sites in Canada

Lately I’ve been a search for the best daily deal sites in Canada and the US. Every weekday, I’m sent an email with deep discounts on products/services on local businesses. The only thing I wish is that I lived closer to the city. These group deal sites are mostly businesses in or around the larger centres in Canada. I’m about a 2 hour drive from Halifax, but I still like to see what the deals are. The deals I like the most are restaurants, auto services (ie. oil changes), spa services, etc. We go into the city every few months so I would definitely buy if I found a hot deal I couldn’t pass up! How can you turn away 90% off on something you really want and need?

Here’s a list of the Daily Deal Sites in Canada that I subscribe to:

Here’s a question to my Canadian readers, what daily deal sites do you like?


  1. Josee says

    You can check which is a summary site of almost all the daily deals. Groupon is still my fav.

  2. says

    I love Groupon. I managed to get a coupon for a $20.00 photo shoot with a professional photographer, no sitting fee and a free 8 x 10. But then to top it off Groupon buck sent me 20.00. So I got it for free! Going to save it for the fall, and this way we’ll have a family portrait done for xmas for presents!


  3. Nathan says

    The best way to filter information from all these different daily deals sites is to use an aggregator. These sites allow you to search through all the deals from the different daily deals sites. For example, you can find deals from Groupon, LivingSocial, DealFind, etc., all on one site – and you can search based on categories of deals.

    One example site is:

    Just wanted to share with everyone!

  4. Mary says

    The best site is It’s an aggregator and consilidates all of your favorite sites into one daily. You can customize your selections too!

  5. Jessica G. says is another great Daily Deal Site. I ordered several times from them and only once did something arrive damaged. But they replaced it for me right away.

  6. says

    Hey there! I know this is an old post but I love It is a great site and its easy to use! Oh and Stacie I sent you an email and was wondering if you got it or not. It might have gone to the spam folder


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