The Real Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress

I wanted to share this post with you on my site from Blogelina (posted with her permission) to help answer questions people have been asking me about moving to WordPress.

You may be asking: Why is it necessary to buy a domain when there are sites such as and where you can host your blog for free? If you have an absolute shoestring budget, where even $10 a month is a major decision, this is indeed a valid question!

It Shows that You’re Serious about Your Business.

Which looks more professional? or – I know which one I’d shop at.

Building a Business Now vs Later.

If you decide later to buy your own domain, all of the networking, traffic generation, and relationship building will have to begin from scratch – promoting the new site. Basically, you’ll be starting from square one.

Investment in Virtual Real Estate.

You also will never be able to sell your blog down the road, should you want to, if you host it on a free site.

You Control your Destiny.

On top of that, you do run a very real risk of investing much work and effort into your blog on a free site – only to find out one morning that it’s disappeared off the face of the earth. (This usually happens because either someone has complained or you’ve inadvertently violated a rule. And since the rules change arbitrarily, with the onus on you to keep abreast of the changes, it’s alarmingly easy to cross the line.)

More Flexibility in Making Money.

Both Blogger and have very stringent, changeable and conflicting conditions for any sort of monetization of blogs hosted on their sites. If you are planning to use your blog as a personal diary, containing no affiliate links, advertising or selling of any sort, a blog on or is probably fairly safe: However, if your blog is a platform for your business, you really do need to choose a powerful, long-tailed keyword or focused company name as a domain name, purchase it (usually for under $10.00) and set it up on your own site.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to WordPress and looking for someone to do it for you, Blogelina offers one of the most affordable transfer services on the web.

A lot less down time!

In case you didn’t notice, Blogger was offline for quite a bit yesterday. Hosting your blog with WordPress on a paid web host service takes a lot of that down-time risk away (BTW, Blogger being down prompted me to offer everyone a chance to save $20 on Blogelina’s Total Transfer Package – check it out!)



  1. says

    I was one of those who was adamant about making the switch. I felt Blogger was the shizz and didn’t see the point. Then my wheels began to turn. Is WordPress really that much better?

    When I invested the $100 into getting my site launched in February I worried it would be money I’d permanently lose with nothing in return for it…and money I cannot afford to waste. Four months later, it was a move I can say turned out to be the best darn decision ever. I make the choice to take down or delete posts, not the inner workings and poor maintenance of a free site. Sure you can buy a domain from Blogger but you’re still at the mercy of their shutdowns.

    I’ve gone down maybe twice in the past four months and that was due to my host’s server maintenance. I was down maybe 5-10 minutes at best.

    At the risk of this sounding like a sales pitch, my vote is on WordPress. Two thumbs and two big toes up. I strongly recommend and encourage serious bloggers to make the investment and move to self-hosted WordPress.

  2. says

    I am definitely considering a switch to WordPress, but only because of word-of-mouth recommendations as well as what happened on Blogger yesterday. However, I feel the need to say I have never and will never agree with this statement in the post: “It Shows that You’re Serious about Your Business. Which looks more professional? or – I know which one I’d shop at.” In fact, I actually find it quite offensive.

    With all due respect, just because I couldn’t afford the $10 to purchase my own domain name (until yesterday), does not mean I wasn’t serious about my business. I was dead serious, but broke.

      • says

        No worries, Stacie. It’s not the first time I’ve heard that statement and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I just don’t see how the two relate. People have to start somewhere and if it means a few months using a free service, then at least they are trying. I personally am glad I did that to get some experience under my belt before I purchased something I might not stick with. Now that I am at least a little more comfortable with how the blogging industry works, I feel the timing is right to buy the domain and make some other major changes.

        • says

          I know where you are coming from. I was on blogger just last year (I moved in May). Blogger is great to start out on because it is free and easier to use. After you get things going though, it makes sense to move to WP. I moved last year because I was scared of Blogger deleting my site. Before that though I was on Blogger for about 1 1/2 yrs. Let me know if you have any qs when you do move over.

    • Cindi says

      I see what you are saying. I was hurt when a company told me they wouldn’t work with me because I had a blogspot. So I thought “OH NO, If this company won’t work with me because of it, who knows which other companies are declining me because of it”. I asked the company why and I asked around I was finding that companies (not all, but some) see that we have paid to have a domain, which looks like we are invested in our site. It doesn’t mean that we are not serious about our business. :) Just that they would prefer a paid domain. Keep in mind this isn’t the case for all companies.

      I don’t know Blogelina , but I took her comment as she is just saying what she thinks and what she has found by working with others.

      I will say this, the whole Blogger thing yesterday and today is SO FRUSTRATING. My site was down and now my posts are missing. NOT GOOD

  3. Aimee says

    I’m definitely interested in this $20 deal! Is there anything we have to do to obtain that or just tell her that you sent us?

  4. says

    I see the good arguments but that doesn’t sway me from blogger. I simply do not have the money it requires to switch to WP and maintain it.

    Great points though.

  5. says

    I don’t mind sticking with Blogger for right now. Money is just too tight for us.

    I do have an issue with Word Press:
    I get so tired of this: You are posting too quickly. Slow down.

    Is there anyway that you can switch that off in WP?

    • says

      Yes there’s a plugin that turns it off BUT everytime I use it crashes my blog. I don’t like that message either but not much I can do!

      • says

        I do have a bit of a strategy to work with it. After I click to put a comment in, as soon as the comment box comes up again clear, I click the “stop” button on my browser, wait 10 seconds, paste the next entry in, click “post comment”, and start all over again.

        • says

          Oh! I’m going to have to try it!! I had the plugin on for awhile until my host shut down my site for taking up too much resources. I guess that one doesn’t fit well with my theme or something. Thanks for sharing that tip!!

  6. says

    After almost three years on Blogger, I finally switched to WordPress (and use the Thesis theme) back in March. I could kick myself for not doing it sooner! From and SEO standpoint, it has been priceless!

  7. says

    Blogger has the biggest advantage that it provides free hosting… for small time blogger like me its a gr8 incentive… still if someone has money and is very serious abt blogging , WordPress is the way forward…

  8. Shelly says

    I have blogs on both blogger and on wordpress and it was disappointing that blogger was down. However, a WP blog can go down too…depending on who your hosting company is because hosting companies can have issues too.

    • says

      Yes that’s very true! Been there! I like that I can call my hosting company and talk to a person though when I have issues. With Blogger I remember being at the mercy of their forums trying to get help.


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