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  1. Jenny Ham says

    I am leaving this comment for the giveaway tonight…
    This giveaways that S.S. had today were a lot of fun. Thanks for all the fun. Something to look forward to each and every hour…

  2. says

    When is your next flash follow? I need to participate in that again! :) I’ve gained some lovely readers and followers from the last one, so happy I joined in. Thank you!

  3. christi baham willie says

    Love that you do this directory…Still getting use to your site, but i have yet to find one like this! GREAT idea with the directory!!! THANK YOU

  4. barbara tryon says

    Thanks for this list, it is very helpful and yes, there is a lot going on! I dont know how you bloggers keep up with deals, coupons, giveaways, etc anyways, thank you for doing what you do!

  5. says

    I just want to say THANKS for posting the listing of events. This is my go-to page every time I’m planning a new giveaway. I really appreciate you sharing the list here. :)


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