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I’ve gotten requests for the past couple months about posting information on LinkWorth and how it works. I make pretty decent money with them each month, but their site isn’t the most user friendly. It took me awhile to figure it out and there’s still a few things that still confuse me about it.

The offers that I mainly get from LinkWorth are for text link ads, sponsored posts and publishing pre-written posts.  They pay you 50% of the price and you are paid via Paypal. They do pay because I’ve received a number of payments from them for the past few months.

One thing I wanted to mention after reading LinkWorth Terms of Service is that you must have your own domain to be accepted (ie. no blogspot in your url).

The first step once you’ve been approved for LinkWorth is to set up your profile. This is very important because this is what potential advertisers will see and decide if they want to advertise on your site!

  • Click on the My Sites tab and then go to Submit Site.

The first section is Website Information. It asks for your:

  • Site Title (ie. Simply Stacie)
  • Site Address (ie.
  • Site Description
  • Main Category (choose the one that most applies to your site; for mine I’m in the Computers & Internet category).
  • Category Tags (click up to three that describe your site)
  • Site’s Language (ie. English)
  • Monthly Unique Visits
  • Additional Info (put site stats in this box that you want to highlight)

The next section is Additional Website Settings. I have mine set as follows:

  • Allow Descriptions on Ads (I have Yes)
  • Hide Website Address (I have No)
  • I will use ‘rel=nofollow’ in all my links (I have No)
  • This is a WordPress MU site (I have No)

The next step is deciding which ads you want to offer and how much you want to be paid for them.

  • Offer LinkAds (static text link ads), Offer LinkMuras (rotating ads, require server side processing).  I selected Yes, I want to offer LinkAds and LinkMuras. I will set at least one location price below. For prices I chose $40/month for both. You could choose less or more depending on your site stats and how much you want to charge.

  • Offer LinkPost (paid blog reviews). I selected Yes, my Site is also a Blog and I want to offer LinkPost. I will set a LinkPost price below. Then you just need to put how much you would charge for a sponsored post.
  • Offer LinkInTxt (selling keywords from your content). I selected Yes, I want to offer LinkInTxt and I will select one of the two options below. Then I chose I will later submit my webpages individually. I’ve never actually done one of these though so I don’t know too much about them.
  • Offer LinkBB (full page ads hosted on your site). I selected I don’t want to offer LinkBB at this time.
  • Offer LinkBanner (banner ads). I selected Yes, I want to offer LinkBanner and I will set a Zone below. Then you would decide what size of buttons you would accept and where they would be placed. I’ve never gotten any of these offers though.
  • Then click Submit and your site will be reviewed by LinkWorth. You can check the status under Manage Sites in the My Sites Tab. They will also give you a LinkRank which is an algorithm they use to evaluate sites (similar to Google Page Rank).

This is the first step and the most important in getting yourself set up to receive future offers from LinkWorth! Sign up today if you haven’t yet!


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    Thanks Stacie – I have never received any ads or anything from them. I wonder if it just takes a while to get started? I have everything set up like you said. I’ve been signed up since last month.

    • says

      I started in the summer but didn’t really begin to get offers until this year. It turns out that I didn’t fill out my profile properly so that’s why I wasn’t getting as many. I think it takes a couple months after you sign up before you start to get offers.

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    your blog is very very informative abd friendly. i would love to follow you and join you on your hops :) you have a great day and thanks for sharing!

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      Yes- you would need to be just a publisher. Contact their Technical support and get them to change you to just a publisher. You should only have to give them your address and Paypal and that’s just so you can get paid.

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        Thanks! I can’t seem to navigate around the site until I input that information. I’ll try and see if I can get their contact info on the site!

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          After you login, go to the Support Tab and then Submit Ticket. I had to submit a ticket when their plugin stopped working and they were really helpful. It took a few days for them to get back to me on it though, but they should be able to help you out.

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    Good Stuff!!
    Thanks for all the info, I’m signed up, and based on comments here, get to wait a bit before the offers come rolling in. I signed up a while ago….but looks like I never finished (surprise, surprise!)


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      Contact their support and see why it won’t allow it. I didn’t realize that they don’t allow Blogger- I thought it was ok if you have your own domain??? I could be wrong though :(


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