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Save Time on Emails with Canned Responses

Save Time on Emails with Canned Responses

My focus for the next month is going to be on time management. I am working towards figuring out how to be a more efficient blogger. This week I am getting all my canned replies ready in Gmail. I love this feature. It allows you to send an email for a reply that you find yourself doing and over and over. It saves time typing out each message. I use it for my Winner Notifications, Blog Features Requests, Winner Replies (after their info has been submitted to the sponsor) and now I am adding in Canned replies for posting press release inquiries, discounts and contests.

To start using Canned responses, you need to first go into your settings and look for Canned Responses under Labs. Click “Enable”.

Then to make a Canned response go to Compose Mail and write out the email that you want to use. Then click on Canned Responses beside the Attachements and give it a name and Save. Then when you need to use the canned reply you just open Canned responses find the name and boom you are done! It saves SO MUCH TIME!

If you use Gmail, do you already use Canned Responses? If so, what types of emails do you use them for?

Stacie Vaughan

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