Save Time on Emails with Canned Responses

Save Time on Emails with Canned Responses

My focus for the next month is going to be on time management. I am working towards figuring out how to be a more efficient blogger. This week I am getting all my canned replies ready in Gmail. I love this feature. It allows you to send an email for a reply that you find yourself doing and over and over. It saves time typing out each message. I use it for my Winner Notifications, Blog Features Requests, Winner Replies (after their info has been submitted to the sponsor) and now I am adding in Canned replies for posting press release inquiries, discounts and contests.

To start using Canned responses, you need to first go into your settings and look for Canned Responses under Labs. Click “Enable”.

Then to make a Canned response go to Compose Mail and write out the email that you want to use. Then click on Canned Responses beside the Attachements and give it a name and Save. Then when you need to use the canned reply you just open Canned responses find the name and boom you are done! It saves SO MUCH TIME!

If you use Gmail, do you already use Canned Responses? If so, what types of emails do you use them for?


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      OMG, I have had gmail since it first started, and I knew there was a spot to do this I just didn’t know where lol. this will save me sooooooo much time thank you thank you thank you!

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    I can see how this could become efficient. However, I feel some people may not appreciate canned responses (which the name itself can carry a negative conotation.) They eliminate interpersonal relationships, and can be bland or too generic. When I comment, I want to hear from you, not the robot you created.

    Then again, like you mentioned, it can be used for replies that you have to give very often, such as an explaination for your contests, giveaways, blog hops, etc. I feel that that is different.

    I guess, just don’t lose all of those unique and personal replies. I know many people who appreciate them far more.

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      I agree! I only use them for emails that I am writing over and over again like telling someone they won a giveaway or letting them know that I have sent their info to the sponsor. And for companies who are looking for my pricing info…that’s time consuming to type over and over again.

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    I have a Word file with email templates that I use for requesting book review copies, notifying winners etc. I use them because I don’t want to forget anything when I send the email. I do a copy and paste and then customize as needed.

    But after I read your post I googled and found a way to do it in yahoo mail. Here’s a link to the that tells you how. It’s pretty cool! I’m going to try it!

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      I prefer yahoo email for my main account, but have gmail set up where I can send email from gmail using my yahoo email address.

      Canned responses are terrific!

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    Love this, Stacie! I use Google, but I use Yahoo much more, so I’ll read the info at the link Ellen left.

    I can totally vouch for the fact that Stacie does send personal replies, even when she probably doesn’t have time. ;o)

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      Thanks Cara! Yes, like I said its only on the repetitive types of emails- winners, blog feature questions, etc that I just canned replies. It saves me a bundle of time.

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    Thanks Stacie! I had no idea about the LABS tab. Very cool. Now… What the heck does the rest of them do! LOL. I’ll have to fiddle with them. I wish I knew what all the apps were about.

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    THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! You just made my life simpler! I was previously cutting and pasting, and even that takes up a lot of time. I am now using it for general sponsor info, giveaways, and more! I might start canning my mom! HA! Kidding!

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    omigosh, i just tried this and it works! off to generate some canned responses now!

    oh a note about personal emails and how they sounds more . . . personal. one can always slightly edit a canned response to sound more personal. just because one didn’t key in every word doesn’t mean the email is insincere.

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    I’ve been using this for my giveaways for a few months and it’s so much easier! You can still personalize with canned responses, but the template is there for the stuff that I am posting over and over. I just edit and customize as needed.

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    Wow! That is awesome! I didn’t know such a thing existed. Of course I don’t use gmail so it won’t help me. Lol. But that’s awesome for those who do!

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    I didn’t know this was an option. That’s a really cool tip for saving time. I hate writing the same things over and over. It goes against a writer’s natural instincts. :)


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