Reviews & Blogging 101: How Do You Track Your Stats?

Simply Stacie: I use both Google Analytics and Statcounter.

Survey Junkie: I use and Google Analytics for exact stats and then I like to track my rank as well with BlogRankings, TopBlogSites, SEOMonitor, Website Grader and Alexa.

Outnumbered 3 to 1: I use Sitemeter and recently started using Google Analytics which I find very resourceful.

Laughing Lindsay: Google Analytics

Boobies, Babies & A Blog: Currently via Stat Counter.

Mommy PR: Google Analytics, Also using Alexa & Website Grader

Dear Crissy: I use Google Analytics

Between the Lines: I use StatCounter

Thanks, Mail Carrier: My main tracking is done through Google Analytics

Sunshine Praises: Google Analytics

Acting Balanced: I’m still working on this

Still Blonde After All These Years: I track my stats on Google Analytics, Website Grader, MozRank (via Website Grader), Alexa Rank and Klout Score (recent)

Aubut Family: I use Statcounter and Sitemeter to track my stats.

Eighty MPH Mom: I use StatCounter and Google Analytics

Little Yayas: I track my stats on and I sometimes use I like how Google Analytics lets you see where your traffic is coming from and gives you a bit more detail. This is great because you can monitor where your traffic is coming from and then make sure that you continue doing that. For example I get a lot of my giveaway traffic from OLS, so it would be a good idea to continue posting my giveaways there.

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