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I’ve recently joined SocialSpark, which is another site where you can find paid post opportunities. It’s run by the same company that does Sponsored Tweets. It allows you to set your price that you want to charge for sponsored posts and they pay via Paypal after 30 days. Sound interesting? Sign up with SocialSpark and monetize your site too. I will let you know how I do on my next month’s monetizing report!


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    I like socialspark, when I have time for the posts – I have been doing it for a little bit and have made about 70 dollars with it. If that helps. If I had more time to write the posts, I would probably make more money. As it is now, I turn down quite a few.

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    Hey Staci, I had been with SS before they made their big switched and did pretty well with them. I recently set up my account on the new site and began looking at leads. I hope to be able to add them to my March financial report post.

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    My husband discovered Social Spark about 6 months ago or so and we have been doing fairly well. We probably make a few hundred dollars a month as of now. The most we have been paid for a single post was $130. Not too shabby!


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