Facebook Welcome Pages | Why You Should Have One for Your Site or Business

I recently took a Facebook Webinar with Mari Smith and learned some strategies about growing your business with your Facebook page. I learned that over 550 million people are on Facebook and over half log in every day! Each person that logs in spends an average of 55 minutes on Facebook. I know for myself I use Facebook multiple times a day and it’s become one of the highest traffic referrers for my site.

I recently added a Custom Welcome Page to my Simply Stacie Facebook Page and have noticed a big jump in my numbers. Welcome Pages are a great way to make a first impression to a new visitor and grab their attention. It also gives them a snapshot about what your site/business is all about. On mine, I have links to my Twitter, blog, BlogFrog Community, pictures, graphics from my site and even a way for people to subscribe by email! I also have a little arrow pointing to the “Like” button to say hint, hint…like my page!

So not only are the pretty to look at and functional, here’s two other big reasons why they are good to have:

  • Facebook Pages are indexed by search engines so it’s a great way to introduce your site to a worldwide audience.
  • With a Welcome Page, 47% of people will “like” your page. Without a Welcome Page where they just come to your wall, just 23% of people will like your page. (I learned this from the Facebook Webinar I recently took from Facebook expert, Mari Smith).

At Mom Boost, we now offer Facebook Welcome pages and they are very affordable. The cost is $30 for a Basic Welcome Page (I have this one) or an Advanced Welcome Page for $50.


  1. says

    Awesome stat to know! Do you have any stats about a custom banner?

    With my new relaunch earlier this month, I have an incremental jump in Fans, but I’ve done a bunch of other publicity tactics too, so I can’t contribute to that solely.

    But, I just approved my Welcome Page yesterday, and will be very curious how much a difference it’ll/it should make.

    Great piece. BTW, I just adore Mari. 😉

    • says

      No that’s the only one I know unfortunately. I am attending Michael Stelzner’s next summit on Social Media though and there will be more Facebook webinars.

  2. says

    I just need to say..
    That your welcome page, just made me drool a little..
    I have not paid a dime for my blog yet (accept th 10.00 fee for my .net)
    But your Facebook Welcome page is SO nicely set up!
    Even a spot to subscribe to email…
    *sighs* I may have to spend the 30.00….

  3. says

    i read this and then saw that another blogger used pagemodo to make her own facebook welcome page so i used that. but its kind of ghetto compared to yours, stacie! i agree that facebook is *very* important for anyone marketing online. alexa ranks google #1 and facebook always sits at #2. FB is such a huge part of people’s lives. i’ve messaged people on FB when i can’t get them on email and it usually works.

    great article!

  4. cindi says

    Stacie as always GREAT POST. I love how professional and amazing these facebook welcome pages are. Thank you for helping me get my hubby’s business facebook welcome page started. I really like how professional it is and how it what exactly what I was looking for. SO GLAD we offer it on Mom Boost. They are GREAT!. Now I just need a facebook too hu? :)


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