A Quick Guide to Recent Facebook Changes

If you are on Facebook, then I am sure you are aware of the recent changes they made to the Fan Pages. I have updated mine to the new layout and am still trying to get used to it.  I like some of the changes, but then am not fond of others.

Here’s some of the changes and my thoughts about each:

  • Pages can now “like” other pages. This means I can “like” pages with my Simply Stacie page instead of using my Stacie Vaughan profile. However, and this is a BIG one, when you “like” a page with your page, it DOES NOT increase that pages likes. So if I go and “like” your fan page as Simply Stacie, your number of “likes” will not go up. Yet, if I go to your page as Stacie Vaughan (my personal account) and like you, it will increase your numbers. This is big if you participate in Facebook Like You Back  hops and giveaways where liking on Facebook is an entry. Thanks to Belly Charms for her great post about this topic and bringing it to my attention.
  • On my fan page, I have the option of looking at my Wall in regular view or Admin view. I much prefer Admin view since this puts the posts in chronological order and I can see if anyone has recently posted on my page.
  • You no longer can “Suggest to Friends” for other peoples pages. However, you can still “Suggest to Friends” for your own page.
  • You can add pages to your favourites by clicking “Add to My Page’s Favorites” and the pages will show on the left sidebar of your pages. I think you could do this before, but I noticed more people are doing it now with the recent changes. Plus in your Page Settings you can choose which pages to feature on your sidebar or have them just randomly show up.
  • You can now use Facebook as your page so I could go around to other people’s pages and leave comments with my Simply Stacie profile rather than my Stacie Vaughan profile. However, with this option I have noticed a BIG increase in spam on my page.
  • You can change the category of your page. There’s lots of choice and I recommend checking it out and making sure your page is showing up in the right category. Go into Edit Page to do this.
  • Receive an email when someone comments on your Wall. I love this option! This way you can respond right away to any questions and also delete any spam when it shows up.

For further reading on the recent Facebook changes, I recommend checking out Still Blonde After All These Year’s post about her thoughts on the new setup.

What do you think of the changes? Do you prefer the new layout or do you like the old one better?


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    I like the changes except for one thing – I am no longer getting things to display in order of when they were posted in both my site page and my personal page. Even when I choose “most recent” I’m missing some posts. If anyone knows how to fix it, please let me know!

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    I like the change for the most part. Getting used to it is the main thing at the moment. It seems whenever there is a new change on FB you have to go back into the settings to ensure that your privacy remains in tact. I only just discovered my phone number was once again visible for all to see. So, my first order of business with regarding that new change was checking my personal info. As for the page, I am more for it that against it.

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    Ugh, I’m so fed up with all the changes Facebook makes on a consistent basis. I mean, it’s like they keep changing it so we can’t keep up with all the little things we don’t notice. Kind of a little shady. I use it so much less than I used to a year ago.

    Things that everyone likes and enjoys are the things they seem to make more complicated. Like the fact I love to see what everyone is saying. Well, they automatically changed it so you can only see the most recent updates of the people you’ve been in touch with the last few weeks. I had to manually go in and change it so that I could see everyone’s updates.

    So ridiculous!

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    I am new to FB. I didn’t like it much before and this really is different. Initially, it looked nice, but not any easier to navigate pages.

    I’m still in awe of you ladies that have been at it and have so many Fans, Likes, Follows, etc. It is one of the most aggravating tools I use in blogging.

    I hope you all don’t think I’m a whiner, I’m just venting a little. 😀

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    I don’t like it. But mind you I think I just added my 50Plus Single BBW page after the change. But regardless I can’t seem to post on anyones wall except under my personal profile. I can’t seem to like anyone except under my personal profile. When I post from my blog to facebook it goes to my personal page. Which I don’t really mind… But what is the point of having the 50Plus Single BBW page. I originally set it up to keep my personal one somewhat personal. Not to spam my FB friends with my 50Plus Single BBW blog.

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    Thanks for the shout out Stacie. I hope that post is helpful to a lot of bloggers. For the most part I like it. I just feel like I spend a lot of time switching between being “Belly Charms” and being “Sonya”.

    Hopefully FB will fix the viewing issue. I just learned about the admin view this week and it has been helpful.

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    Thanks, Stacie…you always provide info of great value and say it much more simply than anyone else…guess that’s why you are simply stacie. :)
    I’m there with MusingMomma6…for novices to social networking, it is all definitely overwhelming…perhaps I need to take a course in it. :)

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    Great tips about Fan Facebook page. I just recently started a Fan page and am trying to understand the mechanics and all. I get frustrated at myself because I forget to switch over from my personal account to my Fan account name when I make updates. I guess them rooky mistakes. Time will tell if I am a fast learner!

    Many thanks for your advice.

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    I am like you, I like some things & don’t like others. I do like the pictures across the top, it’s a nice feature for fan pages, as it shows your work where people will easily notice it, instead of having to search for it.

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    I just wanted to come back here and let know something I just discovered.

    If you dislike the new photo viewer on Facebook, just hit the F5 key after the picture comes up and it will return to the old way of viewing the photo and remove the black box around it.

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    I didn’t realize they had categories now. I love that you can like things from your fan page though. I’m gonna have to check some of this stuff out.

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    ok, i must be dense- WHERE is the edit page to change categories? Is this on your fan page or regular page?

    also- i used to be able to link over to my fan page on my regular page on the left hand side, now its not showing and I have to search to find it- is there an easier way?

    THANKS I got lost with the new changes!

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    wow there are some changes here that i didnt know about! i’ll hafta check it out as i manage a couple facebook pages and sometimes what i want to do doesnt always fit with what i CAN do.


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