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WordPress Plugins to Increase Your Traffic

As a blogger, I love when readers share my posts with their social networks. I want to make it as easy as possible for them to do this. I have been using the Retweet button for awhile, but I recently added the Facebook share button and the Stumble Upon button. The good news is that it was really easy to do! All three are WordPress plugins! I am often asked what plugins I use so I wanted to share them with you so you could add them to your blog if you like.

  • TweetMeme Retweet Button: Adds a button which easily lets your readers retweet your blog posts to share with all their Twitter followers. It shows how many times the post was retweeted and you can customize it so that each tweet includes RT @yourtwittername
  • Simple Facebook Share Button:  Adds a button above or below your post to let your readers share your blog post with their Facebook friends. It shows how many times the post was shared on Facebook and you can change the style of the button to suit your liking.
  • Stumble Me: Adds a button to the top of your post for your readers to easily stumble your posts. It shows how many times the post was stumbled. Take for example, this guest post on Smoky Eyes…check out how many times it was stumbled! It’s amazing the power of Stumble Upon once a post picks up some momentum!

What plugins do you use for your readers to share your posts? If you have tried these ones that I use, how do you like them?

Stacie Vaughan

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