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Today I wanted to share another monetization tip for anyone looking to make some extra money with their blog- SponsoredReviews.com! I have been with them for awhile now and really like them.

Basically how it works is that you can bid on opportunities listed on their home page for advertisers looking for blog posts or you can wait until you get the email that someone wants to hire you to write a post. I’ve received a number of requests for blog posts and I take some of the opportunities if I feel it suits my blog and is something I can write about. I like being able to set my price in my profile and  also appreciate having control over whether I accept or decline a pitch.

They pay via Paypal every 2 weeks which is a big plus.  I MUCH prefer Paypal over payment by cheque.

Check them out and sign up today and start earning money!


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    Reply so I liked this idea, until it asked me for my social security number and well I just don’t feel comfortable giving it. So I just want to ask, you haven’t had anything fishy going on with your money or credit lately…I just want to make sure.

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      I’m not sure why but alot of them ask that. I always say NA because I don’t have a SSN. I have a SIN though (Canada’s version), but I don’t give that out.

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        I am sure it is for payment purposes and taxes. They have to claim the money they pay out. They may have to supply you with a 1099 tax form at the end of the year if you make enough money. Just guessing. I entered my ss#…to lazy to grab my tax number. That is what I think anyway.

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    Thanks for the heads up Stacie! I’ve been looking for some ways to monetize my blog that I feel more comfortable with and this looks like a good one!

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    I’m very new at this. What amount would you ask for as a payment? I am still working on building up followers and everything, so I don’t expect much. I’m more interested in getting some experience so that, when I do have a good following, I’ll have some examples of reviews to show to possible sponsors.

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    For those wondering about a SSN – I just signed up and when I attempted to put NA into the SSN box, I was told that if my address is in the US, I must include a SSN.

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    I often have to give my SSN to reputable companies that I write for online for tax purposes. If you make over $600 (I think that is the amount, may be less) they are required to send you a 1099.

    Good to hear from Stacie that it is a good company though. I have had them bookmarked for a long time and finally decided to sign up today!


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