Where To Find Hosting for Your WordPress Blog

Where to Find Hosting for your WordPress Blog

Another task when you are setting up a WordPress site is to find a host. There’s so much available and you should be able to find very affordable options for shared hosting. Here’s some of the hosting companies I have found online that you might want to consider when deciding on who you want to host your blog.

  • Hostgator: This is who I currently have hosting my site. I heard great things about them so that’s why I initially went with them. They are MUCH better than my previous host, Fat Cow, who I have NOT included on this list.  Shared hosting plans start at $4.95/month. I currently use the Hatchling Plan in case you are curious.

  • Bluehost: This hosting provider offers 24/7 support, unlimited domain hosting and plans start at $6.95/month.
  • HostMonster: Offers 24/7 support with low wait times and other perks. Plans start at $5.95/month.
  • Liquid Web: This host is a little more than the other ones with plans starting at $14.95/month. I have heard great things about this host and this was another one that I was seriously considering to use as my host.

  • DreamHost: This is another popular hosting company that a number of bloggers I know use. Their plans start at $8.95/month.

Unlimted Disk, Transfer and Domains!

Winter Special

  • AvaHost.Net: This is one of the cheapest package I have seen at $2.77/month.

AvaHost.Net Web Hosting


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    DO you have to have the same hosting company as where you purchased your domain from? How do you change it? I bought my domain from netfirms.. and to create a website that is worth anything, you have to upgrade your account which the cheapest was $60.00 per year with very little space available. I can’t even use wordpress w/ out upgrading to a more expensive plan.

    • says

      No, Lorraine, you don’t have to use the same hosting company as where you purchased your domain. You don’t even have to move your domain registration to the new hosting company. All you have to do is change the name servers that your domain points to (the new host will provide you with this information).

    • says

      No, I purchased my domain from Netfirms then went with Fat Cow for hosting initially. I changed from them in Sept to Hostgator.
      I just pointed my nameservers in my domain at netfirms to my host…is that what you mean?

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    Oh, Stacie! I heard from HostGator today and, if I understood the tech-speak, I think they are transferring my files for FREE, with the caveat that I am responsible for site updates.


    I’ll let you know how it goes!

    Oh, and you might want to take a look at iPage (since you have a list). They have a one-year blogging package for $25. You have to scroll to the site footer to find that though!

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    hmm you’re really making me think about this now. I just read your “moving from blogger to wordpress” post. I already have a custom url from godaddy. I see godaddy offers hosting specifically for wordpress with unlimited bandwith and space for $6.99 if you go for the 36 mo option.

    What does changing from blogger to wordpress do to your stats though? For instance: Google page rank, Alexa rating etc?

    • says

      Your Google PR will only change if you change domains. However, they haven’t been updating externally (last one was April) and there’s talk that they are never going to update publicly again so I wouldn’t worry about that aspect. Alexa will only change with a domain change, but since its updated daily, it shouldn’t take more than a few months to catch back up.
      Just be careful about hosting with Godaddy…I am always hearing about their sites being hacked. Google Godaddy and hacked WordPress blogs.


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