My Frustration with Google Page Rank

Why is everyone so stuck on Page Rank? Lindsay at Just My Blog and Lindsay Socializes asks this very question. I am asking the same thing. I have been turned down, insulted and told my blog isn’t good enough to do reviews or paid posts and I am so extremely frustrated!

Google hasn’t updated PR since April. I used to blog over at on Blogger. In May, I decided to take my blog to the next level and switch to WordPress and my own domain, I hired a designer to move me over and knew that I would take a hit in Page Rank. My old blogspot blog had a PR of 3. I figured since Google updated every few months back then that I would be given a rank by the summer. I was ok with the wait and the drop to a PR of 0 and figured it would be worth it to have my own domain and be on WordPress which is more SEO friendly.

Boy was I wrong! I feel like I am being punished because I moved my site. It’s November and Google still hasn’t updated in over 6 months. In those 6 months, all my other blog stats have grown in leaps and bounds. I have close to 6000 Google Friend Connect Followers, my Alexa Rank is under 45K worldwide, we are at the top (or near the top) most days for the blog with the most comments on Comment Luv,  my traffic is awesome and I have an interested and engaged readership (love you all!). Yet, I am still not good enough to some companies who ONLY look at Google PR.

Both my review team and I have received insulting emails from companies telling us that we aren’t good enough to review their $20 product. The kicker was the email we received last week saying we weren’t good enough to review their candle and must have done something pretty wrong for Google to strip us of PR! Huh? ALL WE DID WAS MOVE DOMAINS AND TO A NEW BLOGGING PLATFORM. I was so angry at this email and how rude this man was. Excuse me for trying to improve my business.

I know there’s lots of us out there in the same boat. I just wish Google would either update or announce that it is doing away with PR altogether. I have been hearing rumors that they are not going to ever update and be done with PR and the more months that pass, the more I am believing that is the case. I guess we can’t do anything but wait and see. I have tried to see where to contact Google, but it’s a mess to try and find how to reach them.

If you have been affected by PR and have been treated rudely and unfairly by companies and PR professionals, I hope you will write a post on your blog and link up over atLindsay Socializes. I am glad that I could vent my frustration today and know that I am not the only blogger out there who feels like this.


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    Stacie, thank you so much for chiming in. PR has been a pain in my side ever since I moved to my own domain and WordPress in June. The funny thing is, my traffic and readership has grown GREATLY since the move and I know that my PR would too….if only they would update it!

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    I so feel your pain! When I was on Blogger under the name Frugality in The Making my page rank was a 4! Now I am at a big fat zero after moving to Word Press. It really is frustrating

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    I have a PR 3 and am still turned down by companies that are only interested in PR. PR is not a definition of your reach and based on all of your other stastics and the awesomeness of your blog, your reach is outstanding. Shame on the company for only believing in PR and the google gods.

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    I just changed blogspot URL to my own domain last month while still remaining on blogger as my host and I dropped down to 0. I just noticed that the other day.

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    I agree. It certainly is frustrating. I’m also at a zero. I wish companies would realize the current condition of Google PR and use a more accurate indicator of a blog’s success.

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    Aww, I am so sorry they were that rude to you and your team. I haven’t received a hateful email. I have been turned down because of my Alexa Rank but never for my Google PR. I have found tons of companies on Tomoson dot com that require you to have a PR of 4 for their lame product. Beats me. I hope they some day realize that they are simply not that awesome to begin with!


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    Luckily (knock on wood) i have not received any rude emails about my PR rank. I started my site just in February so of course by April my readership wasn’t up enough to really touch the PR rank. Now, however, it has grown big time and of course I can’t show anything for it because the PR rank has not increased.

    I have been turned down twice due to my PR rank but both were extremely nice about it thankfully. I can’t say i’d even want to work with a company that was so rude about something like that. And I am honestly astounded at those who don’t look at reader and subscriber numbers, that SHOULD mean more than a page rank by google that’s never updated.

    I do agree about the simple small products wanting an outrageous PR rank to review their products. I’ve gotten $1000 product to review with a PR of 0 but you can’t get a simple candle? That’s absolutely nuts.

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    This has hit just about every blog out there, and I too feel the exact same way, though I will admit, I have not been turned down by companies. I haven’t even moved my blog, or changed a thing! I went from a PR of 4 down to 0 overnight. I think companies need to do away with Google’s Page rank ALL together! and start looking at the actual blogs numbers…Twitter followers, Facebook fans, Klout number, RSS numbers, email subscribers and the like.

  9. cindi says

    Thank you for sharing Stacie. This has happened to me too. The sad thing is do companies even check to see how Google PR works, what it means, and why is that what they use to determine the functioning of our sites? It seems they would use our traffic and other stats to see a more in depth view of our sites. It is a shame they are relying on a system that is obviously not working to determine the quality of a site.

  10. Jennifer says

    totally their loss Stacie, you have a fantastic blog and a big voice in the blogging community. I wish they would do away with it completely.

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    Stacie, I’m so sorry! I completely understand your frustration – my blog is fairly new, and I made the switch to my own domain name early (thankfully.) My PR took a hit as well, but I anticipated that and was glad to get it out of the way. It sucks to know how my blog has grown since then, and that my PR doesn’t reflect the growth at all. I can’t imagine how annoying that must be for you!!! To get turned down for a measly candle (and for someone to be rude about it) is absolutely insane for a blog of your size!

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    Well, I have always been a 0. I didn’t really get into reviewing though until April. So, it seems I got in after the last update was made. I have over 800 followers and a pretty active readership too. I really feel like I should not be at a 0. At least a 1! I know that my readership is nothing in comparison to yours, but I am approaching 1000 and I don’t understand companies that don’t look at that type of thing!

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    They don’t just do it with blogs. When I changed hosting companies for my website, it did the same thing. I lost my months of hard work, and what sucked even worse is that the hosting company was crap and now I am moving everything again, but at least I am getting a professional makeover. I would love to have you review one of my products sometime. Screw Google. I think your blog is awesome!

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    I hear you. I had PR 3 & 4 blogs in Blogspot then went down to zip when I moved to my own domains. Then Google decided to play God and stripped all my blogs of PR even the ones on Blogspot.

    So I stopped worrying about PR. Then I noticed this last week, all my PRs are up again! Not that I care anymore. I found a groove of working without PR. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s fine with me.

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    My page rank went from a 4 to zip so I moved from bl0gger to a .com. Still hasn’t returned, but I am seeing this everywhere, wonder if google changed how they treat blogs?

    Your blog is wonderful! Companies that are turning you down are probably not at all interested in you advertising their product, but rather want your pagerank to transfer to their site, or want to use your pagerank to get a mention of their product higher in the google search finds.

    I use googles no follow tag, so it weeds out companies just looking to buy links. If you are not using the no-follow tag google will take away page rank.

    See more about that here:

    and here:

    Good luck to you in everything!

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    TOTALLY agree – companies need to stay up to date on what makes a blog good for PR – and that is TRAFFIC and the actions readers take on the promotions! I am a small blog, just started out and it’s also very frustrating to see Google PR never budge. And other ranking systems have their flaws too – like I was in the Top 100 Family blogs on Technorati until I registered my own domain and had to resubmit my blog. Now I can’t get anywhere with them and it’s been nearly 2 months!!
    Again, companies need to take responsibility for understanding how blogs work and how they help with PR… and evaluate blogs on their merits and not some “algorithm” that never gets updated!

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    Isn’t is crazy? I think you site is worth it! I feel like you are so involved and your readers are just as involved! I am always amazed at your comment amounts and posts! I come here often and look to your blog to help mine! And when I google anything about blogging your site shows up often!!

    Oh and BTW, I am with the Zero PR club too. :)

    But really, a candle?

    :) Karissa

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    I feel your pain! … and it sounds like several other blogs out there. I started my blog last year and wondered why my rank never improved. Seems like too many opportunities are requiring ridiculous statistics. Well, it is that candle co’s loss. Hopefully Karma doesn’t bite them too much for being rude. No matter the circumstance, there is never an excuse for bad manners!

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    Fantastic post (as always, of course!) I know that back in December of last year, Google removed PageRank from its webmaster tools and their public relations rep made an announcement that they were doing so because too many companies were putting far too much emphasis on something that was, in the long run, very unimportant. I haven’t heard about the possible elimination of PR, but considering last year’s statement it would be a logical next step for Google to make.

    I’m still on Blogger, though at my own domain, and I’ve been planning the WP move too. I’ve been hoping I could move to WP without losing my rank since my domain will stay the same. I’m at PR 2 and have been since about the end of April (I guess that’s the last time Google updated!) I’ve grown in leaps and bounds since then and couldn’t figure out why my rank wasn’t increasing. I guess I know why now! :)

    I agree there’s nothing more frustrating than a company that puts ALL of the focus on Page Rank. “Oh, you have 20,000 unique visitors monthly, do you? Well, I’m sorry, but without PR 4, we just can’t work with you.” What?!? Across the internet, ad space is calculated based on a CPM ratio and has nothing to do with PageRank, so why should it have so much importance to companies looking for reviewers?

    I can only hope the rumours are true and PageRank will soon be a thing of the past. In my opinion, it does far more harm than good, at least from a blogger’s point of view!

    P.S. Did you know PageRank isn’t so named because it ranks pages? It’s actually named after Larry Page, the inventor of the algorithm!

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    If YOU’RE frustrated, imagine what it’s like for us little guys! I’m at the stage in my blog that I want and need to make a move to keep me interested. I’m STUCK! I have no idea what to do, who to contact, where to go. The PR people are NEVER going to look at me if you’re having troubles! This is so completely frustrating!!

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    Since my blog is just a small personal one, PR doesn’t affect me, but this is ridiculous! I can’t believe that Google hasn’t fixed their PR issue or deleted it altogether, and that companies don’t even bother to look at your blog at all. They are stupid and losing out because you have a great blog. If I sold stuff, I would TOTALLY want it on your blog!!

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    I found this (you’ve probably seen it) and even though it’s snail mail, maybe you can write to them.

    Our Address

    “Our headquarters are located in the heart of Silicon Valley.
    Google Inc.
    1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
    Mountain View, CA 94043
    Phone: +1 650-253-0000
    Fax: +1 650-253-0001

    View all of our locations on the Google Offices page.”

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    I moved to my own domain (still on blogger) in May and went from 2 to 0. Since then I’ve been wondering when (if ever?) it would update. I, too, have been turned down because of my 0 rank. Thanks for posting!

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    AMEN!!! AS a business owner that does tons of reviews I have never once looked at Page Rank. I look at followers on all of the social networks and activity on the blog itself. I had no idea it had not been updated since April. Than in itself should make it null and void in my book!!!!

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    Wow! I thought I was the only one getting turn downs lately?! I think I dropped blogspot about the same time as you did & yes my blog has grown a lot but since it was 2 years old before I made the change it took a huge hit. I hate being back to zero again & losing all my backlinks I had! You should look up & see what the company’s pr is that was so rude it’s probably a zero too! I’m amazed now when I get any products to review at a 0!

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    Checking your Page Rank in the PR world is as antiquated as using a dial-up telephone!

    I don’t know why these PR groups hold onto them so dearly – they mean squat when it comes to influence and influence is where it’s at.

    Your Page Rank is based on a few things, age of blog being one of them and if you haven’t ticked off the gods over at Google by doing something illegal.

    When you’re on a blog it (the Page Rank checkers) see the and ranks your blog based on the age of Blogspot. Which is OWNED by Google …. So a blog with good and frequent content that is only a couple of years old can have a better PR ranking than an older more establish blog on their own domain.

    When I moved to my own domain in April I too was penalized for jumping ship and am sitting at a ZERO. PR companies have turned me down as well – until they find out that I’m a Social Media Director for an Internet Marketing Company who specializes in SEO… but some still stick with, nope you’re not popular enough according to Page Rank.

    I say whatever! If those PR companies aren’t going to have the decency to do DUE DILIGENCE and actually KNOW who they’re communicating with … bah humbug. Let them disappear with all the other dinosaurs.

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    I agree, Google has too much power and too much “pull” with these companies.

    the more we use the other Page Ranking systems like Alexa, Technorati, Website Grader… they will see the consistency with all of those and hopefully realize that “GOOGLE” is the problem.

    The more all of us Post articles like yours, the more the pressure is put on google to fix their mistake that’s been going on for years.

    Thanks Stacie for such a great article!

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    I’m here as part of the Stumble group. I’ve been wondering about Page Rank and when/if it will update. I switched to WP, too, though didn’t change my URL. I only started blogging in March, and then got to a 1 and have been there ever since. Like you mentioned, my Alexa rank is getting better and better, my traffic has increased leaps and bounds, and even my SEOMoz rank (do you know anything about that?) is a 4. So, why am I a 1??

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    Ok, if YOU can’t get certain companies to work with you with your TRUE stats, how are any of us going to make it? I just asked a question about this topic on the SITS Blog Frog group wondering if anyone’s ranks had changed in October since it seemed to be “common knowledge” that it would be updated in October.

    Like you, I searched high and low on Google’s site and the PRchecker site and found absolutely NOTHING about their policies on when they would update, if they will keep it going, etc.

    I agree with Brandi and they should go by RSS, Subscribers, GFC, Twitter/Facebook followers, etc. PageRank seems utterly random and makes no sense to anyone.

    Completely their loss!


  30. Roxanne D. says

    Great post. I’ve been writing since January of this year and never, not once, had a change in PR. I am still at a 0 despite my readership and followers. I’ve given up on places like tomoson wanting pr3 and 4 rankings. that is ridiculous! How do we even defend ourselves or our rankings to other companies? stacie, I can’t believe that person was so rude to you! That’s absolutely awful. Did you write him back or just ignore it? I don’t know if I could have helped myself. I’d start a boycott for other bloggers not to review the products. for those of us new bloggers, i look up to blogs like yours and it’s something to strive for. To think you are going through the same thing as me and have such a bigger following is just crazy to me! Ugh! It’s so frustrating!

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    I haven’t been turned down because of my page rank which is a 4 but I have been turned down because of my followers (1230) and my Alexa (333,000). Companies have to pick something to base their decision on and everyone seems to have their own criteria. I figure if I miss out on one, I’ll get the next one.

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    As a new blogger, I can understand your frustration! I can’t imagine losing your page rank because you changed domains and waiting and waiting (and waiting) for it to reappear and it doesn’t! I’m still waiting for a rank – I started with N/A and then went to 0 and that’s it – I wish they’d just do it!

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    I AM SO GLAD THAT I FOUND THIS POST!!! I have been waiting and waiting for my PR 4 status to come back ever since I moved to my own domain and I am still a fat goose egg…zero…zero…zero.

    I had no idea that Google had not updated since April! If they are not going to update, then simply take PR ranking out of the equation.

    I too have watched my stats improve since the move. The true test will be when I see if my Alexa rank gets below what it used to be…so far, it keeps dropping every day which is a very good sign.

    Thank you for writing this post because now I will quit worrying about it. I will also write a post and link up to your post for a little validation (smile)

    I’m going to see if I can contact Google. If I get an answer, I will let you know.

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    I hear ya ladies! We at the Yakezie feel the same frustration, but recently started using mozRank as THE Pagerank alternative since it updates every WEEK it seems!

    We’ve written at least 5 articles about mozRank now, and we’ve successfully been able organize two recent ad campaigns soley on mozRank!

    Hence, I encourage you all to write about the solution to PR in addition to showing frustration about why it’s not good.

    We now display mozRank in our ranking system proudly! Please check out in the top right of Yakezie dot com hopepage where we proudly use the mozRank system.


    Yakezie Network Founder

  35. audrius says

    Zero is understood by too many people as a mark of doing unfair attempt to manipulate the rank – who would want any deal with such a site? If any civilized society a person must be proved to be guilty before declaring this to the whole world, and I do not know any regime where the victim is not even told what exactly crime has he done – “must know himself!”. If Google cannot technically ensure elementary human rights I think they must end with this circus and only use page rank internally.


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