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The following post is written by author Scott Nicholson of Haunted Computer Books.

On the surface, it seems like I’ve gone crazy.

I can hear it now.

“Giving away 20 Kindles? Heck, not even bestselling writers are doing that. Why, even Amazon only gave away five on their Facebook page. Where in the world are you going to get 20? Are you rich or something?”

No, I am not rich, and I CAN’T afford it. Unless…

That’s a great word, “unless.” It always leaves you hanging there, like somebody wants something or you have to take action or make a decision.

But that’s why I supersized the giveaway, and why I took action. This entire tour has been improvisation. I got the idea for it less than two months ago. The publishing industry would never do something like this on short notice. But I don’t have anyone to do it for me, or tell me not to do it!

And I think James Patterson is a low-down, dirty weasel for not giving away lots of Kindles. At least twenty. Here me, Jimmy? I’m calling you out.

But here’s the deal. Amazon gave me two Kindles to give away—one through these blog stops and one through my newsletter (subscription details below). And I came up with the idea for a bonus Kindle 3 giveaway if a book cracked the Top 100 in the Kindle store.

Then I got to thinking. A book that hits the Top 100 will probably have to sell a couple of hundred copies in a day. Even if I sell a 99 cent book, the royalty should pay for the cost of an extra Kindle. And I get the benefit of exposure, even if I only break even. And you—yes, you Mr. and Mrs. Reader of This Blog—deserve free Kindles.

And since I have 18 books out now, including three only available for the UK Kindle, I would probably get some extra sales if one of the books takes off. I will be publishing two new titles during the tour, as well as an upcoming surprise, so there are at least 20 Kindles in all. If every book hits the Top 100, I’d be out about $3,500, but I also would make a good bit of money.

It’s one of the great advantages of the digital age—more money stays between the reader and writer so prices can be lower and everybody can be happy. And hopefully with more Kindles.

Some of you may only want a free Kindle. I don’t blame you. It’s easy and free. And I wanted everything about the tour to be voluntary, where you didn’t have to “earn” an entry, because I know there’s a recession underway. Plus I’m way too lazy to keep up with who does what or who buys what.

Some of you are already working hard to spread the word and have a made a major difference in the sales of my books and the exposure of the tour, and in getting more people to visit these wonderful book blogs. Thank you very much.

The winners will be randomly selected, but the odds favor those who stick around and are interested. If we hit the Top 100 (and I say “we” because I know what I sell on my own, and it’s not near the Top 100 at all!), then you deserve a little bit of love and a lot of booty. I’ve promised I’d share any success I have and this is the best way to do it right now. (The Red Church for 99 cents is close to Top 100 as of this writing).

So thanks for every Tweet, Facebook entry, Amazon forum mention, product tag, Goodreads review, or simply telling a friend, “This here Nicholson dude is crazy. We better buy his books or there’s not telling what he might do.”

And you’d be right. There’s no telling. We’ve still got two months to go. This thing might just slide straight into the unimaginable. I can hardly wait!


Scott Nicholson is author of The Skull RingSpeed Dating with the DeadDrummer Boy, and nine other novels, five story collections, four comics series, and six screenplays. A journalist and freelance editor in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, he often uses local legends in his work. This tour is sponsored by AmazonKindle Nation Daily, and Dellaster Design.

To be eligible for the Kindle DX, simply post a comment below with contact info. Feel free to debate and discuss the topic, but you will only be entered once per blog. Visit all the blogs on the tour and increase your odds. I’m also giving away a Kindle 3 through the tour newsletter and a Pandora’s Box of free ebooks to a follower of “hauntedcomputer” on Twitter. And, hey, buy my books and put me in the Top 100 and I’ll throw in another random Kindle 3 giveaway. Thanks for playing. Complete details at

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