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I’ve been asked before about where I advertise my giveaways so I wanted to do a post about the best sites to list your giveaways for free. I have a little routine I go through in the mornings where I list the giveaways of the previous day. I find if you do it daily, then it isn’t a big job rather than waiting a full week and being stressed out because there is so many darn giveaways to list. I have tried that in the past and it just doesn’t work for me so daily it is!

The sites I visit daily to list my giveaways are Online Sweepstakes, Contest Parade and Mom Giveaways. I email my giveaways into Prizeatron, Just a Moms Take on Things and Five Minutes for Moms. Next comes the Linkys. I try to email subscribe to the blogs that host Linkys where you can list your giveaways. That way it comes directly to my email and I don’t miss out. I don’t always check my Google Reader everyday and prefer email subscribing anyways. On the Linkys, I usually choose one giveaway to list rather than list them all as it just saves me time. I know some people list all their giveaways on Linkys but I don’t.

So here is the list that I have so far for spots to list your giveaways. If you have anymore to add, please let me know. I will include a link to this post on my left sidebar so it is readily available when you want to find spots to list your giveaways!! Thanks to everyone for their feedback!

Sites to List Your Giveaways

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Giveaway Sites

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  1. says

    Hi Stacie! I am Sally Co-creator of Doctors’ Wives Living.

    We are a multi-author blog site based out of Calgary that promotes healthy living and giving back. We have been running Giveaways for about 10 months now and just started our own GIVEAWAY LINKY tonight!

    Thank-you for your blogging tips about the “how to” and where you list your own Giveaways. I was hoping to get on your list of places to go for other bloggers to promote their Giveaways!

    Name of Website: Doctors’ Wives Living Giveaway Linky
    Giveaway URL:

    All the best,

  2. says

    Hiya just wanted to let you know about a brand new site we are launching for Sweepstakes/Giveaways its called Giveaway Gauntlet ( ). We would love for you to list our giveaways with us anytime using our form or giveaway linky which is ongoing.

    I have added a link back to your site on our sidebar right hand side under Awesome blogs with giveaways.

    The Giveaway Gauntlet

  3. says

    Hi Stacie, I’m currently holding a giveaway on my blog. Is there any chance you could ad my giveaway URL here. I’d appreciate it. Thank You :)

  4. says

    Hi Stacie,

    Thank you so much for the valuable info. You definitely saved me some time here. I offer giveaways every so often so I’ll be saving this list for future.

    I’m came across your site as I’m offering a giveaway currently and needed to get the word out there. Would you be interested in listing my giveaway on your site? I’m offering a 28″ Sofia the First doll. Here is the info link: You and your staff are more than welcome to enter it as well.

    Thank again for all your hard work with the lists!! I truly appreciate it!


  5. caitlyn collins says

    Hi Stacie,
    are you aware of any sites that have a place to promote Blogger Sign-Up Events? I’ve looked everywhere but can only find the list your giveaway places!

  6. says

    Thanks for the list. I was wondering if they are worked well in people actually coming to our sites to do the giveaways. I have tried some in the past (not on this list) and did not get any traffic for my giveaways.

  7. says

    Hi Stacie,

    Just wanted to say thanks for link references. I’ve held 2 past giveaway posting to the links you’ve mentioned above and both have been very successful! With that said I having another giveaway. If you think my giveaway would interest your readers I’d be more than appreciative if you posted it. Here are the Giveaway details:

    Avon Bug Guard / Skin So Soft Giveaway

    Enter Enter for a chance to win this Avon Bug Guard & Skin So Soft 5-Piece Set. A $64 Value! Yours FREE if you’re our lucky winner!

    Enter Here:

    Giveaway ends 5/5/2014
    18+ US Residence only

    Thanks Stacie!


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